Ceramic Products & More

A&B Ceramics provides the following ceramic products and much more. Whether you need only 1 tile or 50,000 tiles, we can accommodate all orders.

  • Ceramic Tile: Standard tile that is used in many different industries (check standard tile for all sizes)
  • Weldable Tile: Used where tile can not be used with adhesives.
  • Ceramic Hex Mesh: Used in tight spaces such as elbows or piping.
  • Tongue and Groove Tile: Used to interlock to hold ceramic tile in place longer and more effective.
  • A&B Industrial Epoxy: Our private labeled 2-part epoxy used to hold ceramic tile in place.

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Ceramic Ball Mill Repair

A&B Industrial Ceramics is a South Carolina based supplier and installer of wear resistant ceramic linings and media in the ball mill industry. We own a complete line of equipment to handle small and large jobs in either the ceramic or refractory fields. Our personnel have been trained under both MSHA and OSHA guidelines and we maintain an insurance mod rating of .89 with no reportable or lost time accidents in over 20 years of business. All employees are MSHA part 48B trained and certified.

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