Ceramic Installation

In the 1980’s, burrstone and jasper stone linings were considered the best linings with a average span of 18 months to 2 years. We started using ceramic linings with 87 percent alumina content in the early 90’s. With the constant improvement of technology in the 2000’s we are using industrial ceramics with alumina content of 92 to 94 percent and extending mill linings up to 5 years in some grinding applications. We are always looking to improve our linings while trying to keep the highest quality and lowest cost to pass on to our customers. Depending on the size of the mill and customer demand, we install 2 inch tongue and groove tile. We try to keep our ceramic installation process as easy as possible for our clients.

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Ceramic Ball Mill Repair

A&B Industrial Ceramics is a South Carolina based supplier and installer of wear resistant ceramic linings and media in the ball mill industry. We own a complete line of equipment to handle small and large jobs in either the ceramic or refractory fields. Our personnel have been trained under both MSHA and OSHA guidelines and we maintain an insurance mod rating of .89 with no reportable or lost time accidents in over 20 years of business. All employees are MSHA part 48B trained and certified.

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